Problems With A Permanent Pass For P&I Surveyors

Administration of Ukrainian private terminals introduced own pass and security regime and have additional pass requirements at the terminal territory and sometimes serious obstacles for P&I surveyors attendance on the vessels berthed for cargo operations at terminal’s area occur. There is a rather complicated access control system in Ukrainian terminals. Each port and some terminals have their own system but generally, it is as follows: A surveyor must have a port pass, Terminal pass, Vessel boarding pass, and immigration pass to enter the zone of immigration control (port territory). To obtain port passes, P&I Correspondents need to conclude a relevant contract with the port and pay for them. Some terminals still refuse to issue permanent passes for P&I surveyors and we apply to ship agents for temporary passes. Delay in surveyors' attendence onboard put Shipowners in a dangerous position. Usually, the procedure of pass issuance takes 1-2 working days. As very often happens, application for surveys come in on Friday afternoons, it is a problem. There is a problem with sending P&I surveyor there due to late notice if the vessel’s ETA was during the weekend. Thus, P&I surveyor’s attendance takes place with a significant delay which of course could entail a problem with timely attendance. Moreover, in Ukraine, there is a port “Olvia” (until 2017 – port Oktyabrsk) which has a status of a military port with special pass regime. Therefore to arrange the pass for P&I surveyor at the port takes 1-2 days with prior notification to the port authorities of the purpose of the surveyor’s attendance. Sometimes the surveyor is unable to attend the vessel for inspection due to late notice.

P&I Correspondents recommendations:

In order to overcome the problems with passes at the Ukrainian ports and private terminals and in order to provide qualified and timely assistance to Shipowners we recommend sending the prior notice (4-5 days in advance) to P&I Correspondent on surveyor’s attendance with the request of services required.