Customs declaring for foreign vessels calling at Ukrainian ports

Custom Code of Ukraine established the detailed order of vessels which should be inspected upon entering the port area. The order of customs control of foreign vessels is the following: emergency vessels, passenger ships, cargo-passengers vessels, liner ships, tankers, other vessels depends on the time of their arrival. Under the Customs Code, the loading and discharge of cargo from the vessel should be carried out under the customs control and is subject to appropriate permission from the Customs House. The Customs Code stipulates the list of documents which required for the customs clearance at Ukrainian ports.

Upon ships call at Ukrainian ports, the following documents should be submitted to the Customs authorities by the ship administration:

• General declaration (ship particulars, agent’s full style and contact details, etc.)

• Cargo declaration with full cargo description and its quantity, Bill of Ladings, cargo specifications

• Master’s statement on the vessel foodstuff and its quantity

• Master’s statement on availability onboard of the weapons, ammunition, psychotropic or drug’s substances

• Crew list

• Passengers list

• Declaration on personal belongings of the crewmembers

• Other commercial documents, stowage plans, etc.

• Information about currency availability at ship cash, pharmaceuticals, medications, psychotropic and drugs which contains narcotic or poisonous substances, etc.

List of documents which should be submitted to the Customs authorities is quite significant and its content is not limited. The Customs authorities are entitled to seal the ship premises, holds, other premises and commence an investigation if the information provided by the Masters to the Customs House is incorrect. Thus, the procedure of customs declaring with Master’s obligation to complete the customs declaration and indicate ship stores, drugs, pharmaceuticals, paints, the quantity of oil in the tanks and water and foodstuff on board, or sometimes even the vessel spare parts, etc. actually remains in force. Recommendation: We recommend Masters to complete the customs declaration properly and to declare thoroughly all ships items onboard, to ask ship agent to assist in completing the customs declaration and providing the necessary ship documentation as per Customs authorities request, to instruct ship officers to accompany customs inspectors during their inspection at all ships premises, holds and other places onboard. In case of any difficulties, doubts or commencement of the investigation, immediately notify P&I Club with the request to assist.